Bird's eye view of the world, via Facebook. Remarkable!

If I talked about stats + figs in my last post, to point out how numbers can paint a vivid picture in our minds, I will now focus on the reverse. Pictures, as we all know, paint a thousand words.

And in our super connected world of today, where “six degrees of separation” takes on an entirely new meaning, via Social Media, we all are… in the end… without a shred of doubt… connected! And how!

Anyone’s who hasn’t heard of Facebook clearly was born on an alien planet. And thanks to Paul Butler, a diligent intern from Facebook‘s Data Infrastructure Engineering Team, who poured his heart into analyzing Facebook usage by country and translating it into a world map to demonstrate the “human connection”, we can see it for ourselves.

An amazing map indeed, not only showing Facebook usage, but also the connectivity with other countries (it’s not very clear on this small sized map).

If you recall a world map produced by National Geographic (see below picture) to show power consumption by country , where developed countries clearly are lit brighter than that of the developing countries, Facebook’s version shows an entirely different picture.

In the map above you will notice three main regions shining brighter than the rest; 1. North America, 2. Europe, and…. drumroll please3. Indonesia! The US, where Facebook was invented, Europe for the largest collective use by continent, and Indonesia, home to the world’s 2ND LARGEST FACEBOOK USERS ON THE PLANET! Please read my related post in November 2010, when Indonesia stole 2nd spot from the UK.

The world map by power consumption and electric grid. Notice the Northern Hemisphere that is lit brighter than the lower half. That’s oversimplifying it, but notice how different this is from Facebook’s world map!

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