2011: Among 7 billion of us, is there a typical person out there?

National Geographic examines the world’s population growth in a 2011 series, where the year will see global population reach 7 billion.

Among the many interesting things is a look into whether there’s a typical human that meets certain predetermined traits. Turns out there is: he is a 29 year old Chinese male, from the Han ethnic group, who makes less than US$12,000 p.a., has a cell phone but does not have a bank account.

The above picture is a composite image of thousands of 29 year old Han Chinese men, resulting in an image of the world’s most typical human. There are 9 million of these guys! Yes, 9 million! And to make stats even more compelling and ever-changing: by 2030, the world’s most typical human will come from INDIA!

Inspiration: Wonderlust Journal

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