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TED Talks | A baby’s astonishing journey into word-formulation

In our busy world of today, information is a mere click away. Both the useful and wasteful kind. The problem is that we are overloaded with information, and sifting through the good and bad requires another time-consuming task, that we … Continue reading

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Logo & Corporate Identity | "X" marks the spot. Separated at birth?

Logos and Corporate Identity are all about communicating messages through Signs and Symbols. What message and how it’s communicated has much to do with culture. Take, for example, a simple circle, it may carry different meanings. Universally it may mean … Continue reading

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Brand-Building | The Art of Taglines, Slogans, and Mottos… [17]

I thought it’d be interesting to zoom in on taglines, a statement that essentially captures your brand promise. Variations on taglines, include slogans and mottos, which I won’t go into detail, but instead I’ll highlight some of the more memorable … Continue reading

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