Brand-Building | The Art of Taglines, Slogans, and Mottos… [37]

I thought it’d be interesting to zoom in on taglines, a statement that essentially captures your brand promise. Variations on taglines, include slogans and mottos, which I won’t go into detail, but instead I’ll highlight some of the more memorable ones with high “stickiness”.

And of course I’ll include those that are strikingly different and unique. Not necessarily of the famous kind, but ones with compelling brand messages.

See if you can recognize some of them, including the poorly conceived ones, where you’ll simply wonder “what were they thinking?”

Good examples abound, and powerful taglines help customer create mental maps and immediate association with the brand logos, making the two inseparable. The image of Brand Logo + Tagline becomes compelling, where the tagline enhances the Brand Meaning. Notice how the role of color, shape, font, and even typeface help create a distinctive message.

This explains why some brand taglines’ longevity, while others, are infamous for their brevity, undergoing transformation and evolutions that unfortunately are not always “ON CODE”.

Brand: KIA Motors

Country of Origin: South Korea

Tagline: The Power to Surprise

A clear example of the power of branding, this “little car company that could” has beat all odds at continuing to climb the quality level and brand recognition it deserves. Together with its parent company, South Korea-based HYUNDAI Motors, KIA has demonstrated its ability to bring to market better quality cars that consumer want (make that American consumers).

It has not been a journey without challenges, as South Korea closely mimicked Japan in entering the world’s biggest automobile market, the US. Its foray was based on low price strategy, with car quality that was less than stellar. This was a strategy pioneered by Hyundai, followed by Daweoo (now defunct, a GM subsidiary) and KIA. Now we all know that the journey is giving South Korean automakers a happy ending.

The tagline “The Power to Surprise” fits perfectly.

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