Brand Building | More on the compelling role of color [2]

Still on the colorful subject of brand-building and the inseparable role of color, I found an excellent reference source, via Derrick Daye and Brad VanAuken of The Blake Project.

Colors also have a functional impact on readability, eye-strain, ability to attract attention, ability to be seen at night, etc.  This is important in choosing colors for signing, website pages, prints ads, and other marketing media.

They discuss the role color in detail, citing the direct psychological link to color, and how human behavior is influenced by color. (Hint: ever wondered why fast food restaurants sport the decidedly uniformed colors of yellow, orange or red? There’s a compelling reason behind such color choice…).

The most visible color is yellow. 

The most legible of all color combinations are black on yellow, green on white, and red on white.  It is no surprise that most traffic signs use these color combinations.

Black on white is the easiest to read, on paper, and on computer screens.

Hard colors (red, orange and yellow) are more visible and tend to make objects look larger and closer.  They are easier to focus upon.  They create excitement and cause people to over-estimate time. Soft colors (violet, blue and green) are less visible and tend to make objects look smaller and further away.  They aren’t as easy to focus upon.  They have a calming effect, increase concentration, and cause people to under-estimate time.

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6 Responses to Brand Building | More on the compelling role of color [2]

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  5. Menas Halim says:

    Hi Di,Wie gehts Dir ?
    Elu kenal engga sama studio rekaman di Jak engga,karena gw ada temen yang mau rekaman lagu ciptaan dia sendiri ,tapi lagu nya masih basic (cuma gitar aja ) perlu di arragement lagi ( dilengkapi pake drum etc ),elu dulu kan pernah di EMI atau Sony.
    Danke im Vorraus.



    • dianhasan says:

      Herr Menas, alles gut buddy!
      Glad to see you here in my blog!
      Mengenai studio rekaman, weleh gw udah lupa all my old contacts from my days @ EMI. Tp yg gw inget dulu kita banyak pake studio rekamannya either Aquarius (rasanya masih ada di PI), sama studionya Dani Dewa di Radio Dalam. My best suggestion adl: lu google aja studio rekaman, pasti ketemu. Apalagi skarang banyak bener di Jkt, coz anak2 muda kan hobinya bikin musik mrk sendiri.
      O iya, gw baru inget, kalo cuma mau studio rekaman simpel (well actually mrk cukup lengkap sih), di fX Sudirman mall itu, ada studio di 5th floor kalo nga salah. Bisa sewa jam2an di situ. Lu google deh tempatnya. Go and have a look and tell ur friend.
      Big hugs to the Lani & Pascal.
      Tschuss, d

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