Brand Building | Color meanings across cultures [Orange]

Further blogposts on the subject of intercultural brand-building and the role of color. It never fails to peak my interest, as the human race has been communicating through signs, symbols, shapes, and colors throughout history. And it never ceases to amaze me how something so subtle, like color, can mean literally mean the difference between depicting life and death, and how its role in brand-building is still so often misunderstood.

In our globalized world of internet dominance, such ignorance can no longer be justified. And brand-builders across the globe are wise to equip themselves with the knowledge of what good (and harm) color can bring.

Some differences are quite obvious, but others are simply surprising. Here’s a look at just a few examples of the more compelling difference of color meanings across diverse cultures (reference: various sources. Click on references on bottom of page).

   Flag_The Netherlands 1The official color of the Royal Family. On the Monarch’s Birthday, the entire country is decorated in a sea of orange. (The Netherlands)  The Boas language in Liberia makes no distinction between the color orange and red. Therefore color perceptions can be hindered due to linguistic limitations.
The Shona language in Zimbabwe makes no distinction between the color orange and red. Therefore color perceptions can be hindered due to linguistic limitations. 
Flag_China 1Flag_Hong Kong SAR 1Flag_Taiwan 1Love, Happiness, Humility, Good Health, Immortality (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan)

Cheap, Loud (Europe)

Flag_Spain 1Flag_Portugal 1Blood, Agression (Spain & Portugal)

India_FlagDeath, Rebellion (India)

Inspiration:, Global Propaganda Blog (“Colours Across Cultures: Translating Colurs in Interactive Marketing Communications,” Mario De Bortoli & Jesús Martoli, Spain

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