Logo & Corporate Identity | Waving flag doppelgängers [3]

We live in a visual world, where every logo, symbol, sign, coterie of words with interesting fonts and even a single letter, has a meaning, and is used to communicate a message. This is all part Semiotics, the study of signs and signals. And in business, it’s wise to understand the role of Semiotics in brand-building.

Most of today’s organizations are well-versed in this communication medium. Some are still struggling, however, to put into a logo the values and positive traits they want captured. And there are some others that are very similar looking, albeit representing completely different organizations.

It seems that in our increasingly shrinking and interconnected world, graphic designers are generating similar ideas for corporate logos. They must’ve all been inspired by something similar, or perhaps it was something in their coffee. Unless it’s all a mere “copy & paste”, as this term is so deeply ingrained in our daily lives as we rely more on our Macs, PCs, laptops, iPhones, Blackberries, and a plethora of other smart communication gadgets.

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