Brand Building | More on the compelling role of color [3]

Still on the colorful subject of brand-building and the inseparable role of color, I found an excellent reference source, via Martin Lindstrom, Brand Strategist, and his books “Buyology” and “Brand Sense”.

marine blue furniture Marine Blue, Interior Color Trends 2010

… Does your heart rate increase when you glimpse one of those signature robin-egg blue Tiffany boxes? … A few yeears ago, Martin Lindstrom conducted a test. He presented 600 women with an empty Tiffany’s box each. Monitoring their heart rates and blood pressure, researchers found that, when the women received the box, their heart rates went up 20%. The women saw no logo, just the color. Its powerful associations with engagement, marriage, babies, and fertility, got those hearts racing.

… When jewelry is presented in a robin’s-egg-blue box, it takes on an added luster because the recipient knows this box is from Tiffany, the New York jeweler whose name has been synonymous with luxury, exclusivity, and authenticity since 1837. How much would a secondhand version of one of your packages sell for on auction? Some brands manage to impart magic and integrity through their packaging alone. Authentic Tiffany boxes and pouches have become marketable items, fetching up to $40 on auction sites. The larger the box, the higher the cost. Larger boxes hold big items.

… Tiffany’s delicate blue forms the basis of the store’s color scehem; it’s the color of the catalogues, you see it in their ads, and of course on their shopping bags, too. No matter how much money you may offer Tiffany, you cannot buy a box from them. The ironclad rule of the company is that boxes (or pouches) leave the store only if they contain an item that’s been purchased there.

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