Quotes + Thoughts | On brand storytelling [1]

Still on the subject of brand storytlling, I stumbled upon a piece by Melinda Partin of Seattle-based Work Tank, who put together impeccably.

Stories are powerful.

Still, consumers can be amazingly loyal, and if they have taken the story of your brand to heart, they can forgive many transgressions. In the mobile phone operating system wars, Apple has clearly done the best job in winning over the hearts and minds of users. But the company’s phones can be buggy, and they don’t do all things well.

However, the form factor and user interface design, the application innovations and the philosophy of the company have created such a powerful story that people want to be a part of it. BlackBerry, Palm, or Windows Mobile smartphones don’t carry the same emotional cachet. At least, not yet.

To be a successful brand storyteller, you must first understand how your brand’s products and services meet a customer’s emotional needs. Even business-to-business products and services fulfill emotional needs: I will get promoted. I won’t get fired. I will be a hero if this works.

Inspiration: Fast Company, Work Tank Seattle

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