Brand Builders and their Craft | On Brand Storytelling [2]

To explain the world of branding, in the most simplified language and easy-to-understand format, there are essentially 2 main parties involved; 1. The Brand-Owners; and, 2. The Brand Audience (yes, the consumers).

But there is a 3rd party, which acts as a bridge between the 2 above parties.  The Brand-Builders; those who offer professional services in helping build brands, encompassing Brand Strategists, Brand Communicators, Brand Marketers, Designers, among others.

And I thought it’d be interesting to peek inside their minds and delve into their thinking. See their craft and how they work their magic into building compelling brands.

In the past, when brand-building was a more simple process, the bulk of work was done in-house, by the brand owners themselves. And anything else they needed externally were performed by a mix involving Advertising Agencies, Creative Agencies (Graphic Design Firms or the like) or even PR (Public Relations) Firms.

Today calls for a different brand-building strategy, as there are many more factors that determine a brand’s success. Channels of communication, ever changing consumer behavior, super micro niche markets, individualized consumers, brand positioning, just to name a few.

And let’s not even bring to the fore the various new terms like: Social MediaSEO (Search Engine Optimization)Web MarketingDigital EngagementROISEM (Search Engine Marketing)Experiential MarketingMultisensory BrandingEmotional Branding, Product Packaging & DesignBranding Strategy ConsultantsCorporate Identity SpecialistsSensory Design …  the list could go on forever.

Which brings me back to the main topic of presenting “the 3rd wheel” of Brand Builders. Regardless who they are and what they do specifically, I’ll just stick to identifying external parties who are neither the Brand Owners nor Brand Audience/Consumers… yes, Brand Builders.

Ultimately, the most CRUCIAL GOAL in Brand-Building is NOT who builds them but whether they are ENGAGING and able to connect EMOTIONALLY with consumers.

  1. Who are you? (Brand Identity)
  2. What are you? (Brand Meaning)
  3. What about you? What do I feel about you? (Brand Responses)
  4. What about you and me? What kind of association and how much of a connection would I like to have with you? (Brand Relationships)

Inspiration: Brand House

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