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Brand Builders and their Craft | On Brand Touchpoints

To explain the world of branding, in the most simplified language and easy-to-understand format, there are essentially 2 main parties involved; 1. The Brand-Owners; and, 2. The Brand Audience (yes, the consumers). But there is a 3rd party, which acts … Continue reading

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Stats + Figs | OECD’s Better Life Initiative… results are in

Are our lives getting better? How can policies improve our lives? Are we measuring the right things? The OECD Better Life Initiative and the work programme on Measuring Progress answer these questions. They allow understanding what drives well-being of people … Continue reading

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Quotes + Thoughts | On poverty and food prices

Food prices are literally a matter of life and death, especially for the poorest of the poor …vanquish poverty and we will go a long way to solve the food crisis. Food prices are literally a matter of life and … Continue reading

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