Brand Building | Be different… and accentuate it!

If any business leader is fluent in the language of brand-building, Richard Branson definitely ranks high on the pecking order. His persona and that of his empire of Virgin Brands is one and the same. Without Branson (and his antics) there’d be no Virgin Brand. Branson’s unorthodox approach to draw attention to himself (first and foremost) and his brand is legendary, and well documented.

So it’s always fascinating to see what’s up Branson’s sleeve. I found a few interesting quotes on how the building of Virgin Brand, in this article on Virgin Atlantic’s livery makeover. 

“We’re a dynamic and innovative British company and our new livery will really make us stand out from the crowd, both in the sky and on the ground at airports all over the world,” says Steve Ridgway, chief executive of Virgin Atlantic. “Despite the most challenging economic conditions that we have encountered for some time, this is just one of many design projects that Virgin Atlantic has invested in. We have been working behind the scenes with British designers to re-ignite our brand and are developing new designs for the entire fleet of A330s due to come into service next year.”

“… Virgin Atlantic has a strong history of investing during downturns and we believe that our new livery and the forthcoming delivery of the Airbus A330-300 signals another period of growth for the airline.”

“Virgin Atlantic makes every day a happier day. It is a tonic for the soul – delivering great product, and great experiences for customers all around the world,” says Dilys Maltby, senior partner, Circus. “Virgin Atlantic constantly challenges itself to see and do things differently and, through this piece of work, demonstrates its spirit of adventure and exploration.”

“We’ve tried hard to retain the essential elements of Virgin Atlantic’s first 25 years and refine them for the future.  We’ve adapted the ‘tail fin’ to make it easier to use and to reflect a simpler and more elegant shape,” comments Michael Johnson, creative director for Johnson Banks. “The logotype has been replaced with a thinner and more elegant design that reinstates the pride in Virgin Atlantic’s full name, and supplies more flexibility across a myriad applications.”

Says Joe Ferry, head of design for Virgin Atlantic: “It is essential that we set a firm, confident foundation for the future of the Virgin Atlantic brand, one which is relevant in the new commercial environment. It’s critical that we portray and live our differentiating brand values. Last time Virgin Atlantic launched a new livery and corporate identity was in 2005.”

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