Forge ahead… never listen to naysayers… [1]

In business, as in life, we tend to hear more about the success stories. The end of the journey, the end result, which is what we hear about great leaders, celebrities, brands, corporations, and even great organizations with their good causes.

But what’s more valuable is the entire journey of how they got to where they are now – basking in the limelight and in the glory. It’s the trials and tribulations, the ups and downs, worthy of a good novel from which we can draw inspiration and become moved by the drama.

Muhammad Yunus, Founder of Grameen Bank, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize 2006 for his poverty alleviation work via micro-financing

After all Edison didn’t invent the lightbulb over night! It was through a series of painful experiments and countless failed attempts from which he must’ve drawn his strength and the foresight and tenacity to never give up and forge ahead!

In the same vein, what interests me – in particular – is THE BEGINNINGthe very start of how great ideas – and brands – were born. It’s that lightbulb moment that must’ve occurred in a young entrepreneur’s mind  – while tinkering with idea in his garage (yes Silicon Valley material). But this is a universal concept… it can be found anywhere across the globe afflicting both genders, regardless of color, creed, age, social status or personal circumstance… when someone comes up with an idea and just runs with it…

I can just imagine what the ridicule that Muhammad Yunus must have faced when he uttered the idea about providing loans to the poor. He wasn’t thinking merely as a banker, but as a problem solver, of how to break the poverty cycle and alleviate poverty. We all know what happened with that idea… Grameen Bank was born… a Nobel Prize was snatched along the way… and the rest – as they say – is history!

So this is my collection of quotes on what must’ve been both the stumbling blocks and motivators for budding brand builders, great thinkers and inventors, and… any average Joe out there who believes in himself enough to muddle through the adversity and emerge a victor. This is an homage to them!

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