Extreme Brand Love | Lacoste

All brands strive to get inside their customers’ heads. It’s any brand’s dream to reach that level of emotional connection and brand loyalty. And some brands attain it successfully, with a brigade of staunchly loyal, die-hard fans who pledge allegiance to the brand. They’d frequent the stores and buy everything under the sun made by the brand. They’d go the extra mile and wait patiently – even resorting to camping outside the stores before a product launch – to get their hands on the latest product from their favorite brand (remember the camp outs for iPhones and iPads outside Apple Stores around the world?). They’d create stampedes while emptying out entire stores for the much anticipated Boxing Day Annual Sale. And the list goes on…

Much like the legion of fans waiting for the chance to peek at their favorite celebrity at a red carpet movie premiere event.

If you think this is weird, it gets worse. There is a select few group of fans for whom BRAND LOVE & DEVOTION has reached cult status. They take it to the extreme. Like this picture of a man who tattooed his favorite brand on his pecs. OUCH!

Inspiration: ABC News

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