Brand Building | Attaining Brand Love via Visual Language

Mark Capper of Kompas Strategy, a Brand Strategy Consulting Co. based in San Clemente, CA, talks about the value of having a strong visual language for any Brand to be successful. We all know that a picture tells a 1,000 words, and in Branding, having the right visual language that connects and resonates with customers/audience can make or break a brand… any brand! I love Mark’s brief analysis. Enjoy!

Is your target customer really connecting emotionally with your brand? The visual realm is the most effective way of communicating emotion and meaning to consumers, however many marketers do not put enough focus on creating a visual language to convey and manage the nuanced meaning of their brand.

It is often said that a picture is worth 1000 words. The same is true of every visual element of communication associated with your brand. Visual meaning is communicated to the customer’s mind within seconds, and this largely happens beneath the level of consciousness. Visual communication is also one of the strongest tools to evoke customer emotion and stimulate desire. Through product design, package design and other visual communications, consumers quickly derive what a product is, and if the product is for them. Moreover they either connect with the product or not, think it is cool or not cool, love it or hate it, all based upon what they see. These perceptions and consumer response can be controlled through the management of your visual brand language.

We just completed a major “Visual Brand Language” program for a major global beverage brand. We began with a strong brand positioning that delivered meaning, emotion and resonated with consumers’ identity. We first took a semiotics approach to craft a set of visual hypotheses, each representing possible ways to convey brand meaning and evoke consumer emotion. Semiotics is a branch of anthropology focused on the meaning associated with symbols and linguistics. We then carefully evaluated these visual symbols with consumers across several countries to understand the meaning and emotion evoked by each image, and what was resonating with consumers and why. We then crafted a visual language tool the brand could use to guide product, package and communications design. This visual language is now being used to inspire and guide the organization in conveying brand meaning through all their visual communications.

Inspiration: Kompas Stategy

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