Logo & Corporate Identity | Protruding ray doppelgängers

Logo_REFER-EPE_dian-hasan-branding_US-2 Logo_RFFSA_dian-hasan-branding_US-2

Who’s inspiring whom?  The advent of the internet has brought the world to our fingertips like never before. Images that we’ve never had access to, or could only see on TV or read in the news, are now in cyberspace. All awaiting our discovery… that is if you know where to look.

Having the world so much closer, and on our screens, also means that we can see how more similar we all are. How we see our own immediate environments and how that inspires us. Including how businesses and organizations communicate their message through their identity.

That probably explains the striking resemblance between the logo and corporate identity design of the above diverse companies, from different countries and industries.

PhotobucketKonica Minolta, US-based Continental AirlinesAT&T (the old logo); Rexel; Signal House Ltd., Collis Engineering, and Collis Civil Engineering, subsidiaries of Collis, UK; REFER (Rede Ferroviária Nacional), Portuguese National Railroad Co., Lisbon, Portugal; RFFSA (Rede Ferroviária Federal, Sociedade Anônima), Federal Railroad Network) was the state owned national railway company of Brazil, a national large-scale project that was supposed to unify all of Brazil with a vast rail network in the late 1950s. The grand plan was abandoned and all remaining assets liquidated in  that was liquidated in 2007.  All brought together by a similar vocabulary of design language!

Logo_REFER-EPE_dian-hasan-branding_US-1 Logo_RFFSA_dian-hasan-branding_US-1

Logos are, after all the primary visual identity that the outside world sees. The internet has enabled us to see the similarities in corporate identity and logos from distant shores, representing organizations that are vastly different and yet have somehow been inspired by the same idea.

And although two logos may be close to identical, the message they emit is not the same. For its the meaning that customers attach according to their individual taste and culture that gives them the value.

In other words, a logo is a sign or symbol that carries a meaning, because in the end: “People value more what things mean than what things are!”

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