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Identity Evolution | CSC (Computer Sciences Corporation), USA

Brand:               CSC Founded:          1959 Headquarters: Falls Church, VA Just like humans, logos and corporate identity change. From the day they are born, going through toddlerhood, the growing pains of teenage … Continue reading

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Logo & Corporate Identity | Figurine doppelgängers [1]

Who’s inspiring whom?  The advent of the internet has brought the world to our fingertips like never before. Images that we’ve never had access to, or could only see on TV or read in the news, are now in cyberspace. All … Continue reading

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Identity Evolution | Rexel Shredders, UK

In the world of branding, the fastest and easiest route to changing a look is through a Logo & Corporate Identity Makeover. It’s the expedited method of projecting a new image, and an ongoing journey of constant changes, regardless how … Continue reading

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