Brand Builders and their Craft | On Defining Success

Successful businesses understand five key thoughts (mind you, this is my own personal theory):

  1. Seizing opportunity;
  2. Knowing the inside of your Customers minds and surpassing their expectations;
  3. Sustaining Growth; and the final and arguably the most fundamental
  4. Maximizing all resources at their disposal in BUILDING A COMPELLING BRAND to attain these goals.
  5. CHANGE IS INEVITABLE! So Innovate to death or face the death knell.

Oh, and did I forget “Profit”? Well, that’s a given, and any business would knows that, so it need not be mentioned.

Sound businesses understand what it takes to be successful, but they differ in the definition of success. Here’s an interesting insight into one such definition (taken from Avoyer & Flocke, Commercial Real Estate Firm of San Diego, CA). Now whether it’s just eloquent verbage “lovingly parked” on the company website for the world to see is anyone’s guess. It’s for the customers to judge.

For they are the sole reason companies exist, and they are – ultimately – the judges to determine whether a BRAND (that’s everything a company does, by the way…) meets their expectations and connects emotionally. This is the “BRIDGE OF TRUST” that Brands build with their customers and stakeholders. It’s a company’s MOST VALUABLE relationship, that must be nurtured and nourished. For nothing stays the same… ever!

Smart entrepreneurs know that full well… there’ll always be a competitor with a STRONGER BRAND that will come along.

Or let me re-phrase that and borrow a statement that is a given in Showbiz, particularly in the Recorded Music Business: “You’re only as good as your second album”. Any recording artist knows that a smash hit debut album is MEANINGLESS unless you can sustain that success in your sequel and subsequent albums.

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