Brand builders and their Craft | Tapping into the Reptilian Brain for Brand Meanings

The success of any Brand Builder lies in the understanding of the meanings that customers attach to a brand. And brands are born the instant customers start relating to them emotionally, beyond the functional value that the brand meets.

This deeper probe into the human mind and how the brain functions was explored by Dr. Paul MacLean, a Neuroscience Professor from Yale University, through his “Triune Brain (3-Brain) Theory”.  Defining the brain into 3 parts; 1. Cortex, 2. Limbic, and 3. Reptilian, that generates 1. Functional Value, 2. Emotional Value, and 3. Symbolic Value.

The picture above, taken from the website of HOAG Presbyterian Memorial Hospital of Newport Beach, California, captures the Reptilian Brain in action beautifully… where the subconscious brain is triggered by instinct, essentially for 1. Survival, and 2. Reproduction.

Aside from culture, it is equally important to gain a deeper understanding of how the brain functions in deciphering meanings, building values, and making buying decisions. This is how the brain connects with brands, the neuroscience behind it! One theory that perfectly captures this is Paul MacLean’s Triune Brain (Three Brain) Theorywhere the brain is divided into three distinctively different parts and how information is processed, meanings digested, and understanding built…

Inspiration: Ideas Inspiring Innovation Annex

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