Logo & Corporate Identity | Geometric exploration [1]

PhotobucketPhotobucketUploaded from the Photobucket iPad AppUploaded from the Photobucket iPad AppUploaded from the Photobucket iPad AppLogo_Companhia-Vale-do-Rio-Doce_dian-hasan-branding_BR-2 PhotobucketLogo_LPL-Financial_dian-hasan-branding_US-6Logo_Bauer-Media_US-1Logo_LPL-Financial_dian-hasan-branding_US-4Logo_LPL-Financial_dian-hasan-branding_US-2Logo_LPL-Financial_dian-hasan-branding_US-3Logo_Desai-Group_dian-hasan-branding_2PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketUploaded from the Photobucket iPad AppUploaded from the Photobucket iPad AppUploaded from the Photobucket iPhone AppLogo_Pyramid-Blog_www.pyramid.se_SE-2Logo_American-Tower_dian-hasan-branding_US-2Logo_Teraju_dian-hasan-branding_MY-2Uploaded from the Photobucket iPad AppUploaded from the Photobucket iPad AppPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketUploaded from the Photobucket iPad AppPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketUploaded from the Photobucket iPad AppLogo_Bayern-LB-Bank_DE-2PhotobucketPhotobucketUntitledLogo_U-of-Colorado-at-Boulder-Career-Services_www.alumni.colorado.edu_services_career_cu-career-services_turningpoints_dian-hasan-branding_CO-US-2PhotobucketUploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketLogo_Teraju-Exchange_www.terajuxchange.gov.my_dian-hasan-branding_MY-2PhotobucketLogo_Duran-Machinery_dian-hasan-branding_US-2Uploaded from the Photobucket iPad AppPhotobucketUploaded from the Photobucket iPad AppLogo_HEK_Hansa-Edelstahl-Kontor_DE-2PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketUploaded from the Photobucket iPad AppUploaded from the Photobucket iPad AppPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketLogo_VARTA-Batteries_NO-3Logo_NAVA_North-American-Vexillological-Association-Association-nord-américaine-de-vexillologie_www.navaLogo_Kitchell-Corp_Construction-Proj-Mgmt_dian-hasan-branding_US-10   Logo_Bayern-LB-Bank_DE-2A Logo_Bayern-LB-Bank_DE-2BPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketLogo_Meiji-Techno-Microscopes_JP-8Logo_Meiji-Techno-Microscopes_JP-6Logo_Meiji-Techno-Microscopes_JP-2Logo_The-Scottish-Government_UK-2

PhotobucketElvia Travel Insurance, Switzerland (Elvia is now part of German Insurance giant, Allianz); Rijnstate Ziekenhuis (Rijnstate Hospital), The Netherlands; Ascur Management Consulting Co., Lugano, Switzerland; Banque Patrimoine & Immobilier, France; DeVry University, US; ABN-AMRO Bank, The Netherlands; Commonwealth Bank of Australia; AVIVA Insurance Group, UK; Australian Steel Institute; JurongHealth Services, Singapore; Legg & Platt SFG, Retail Environment Design Services; Cardinal; Logo Design Concept for Industry Gateway; London-based Gamelearn, Business Simulation Games; Irvine, CA-based CoreLogic, financial, property and consumer information, analytics and services company; Landau Contractors, a logo design concept by Kassie Kussman; NetApp; now defunct US-based IndyMac Bank; ADM Developer, Brazil; NEXON Games; Messe Frankfurt, the world’s largest trade fair organizer and expo grounds, Frankfurt, Germany; FIBA Group, Financial Holding Co., Turkey; RCS Logistics, UK; Liquid Capital of California, Davis, CA; Canada-based Western Logistics; LRG Capital Group; Djibouti Telecom; Capital Restaurant Services, a logo concept design from the Chameleon Project; ProExport Colombia, State Enterprise in charge of promoting Tourism, Trade, and Investment; Black Diamond, American Brand for Winter Active Wear and Gear; Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce, Madison, Wisconsin; Space on Tap, UK; CS Cart; La Villa Italian Restaurant, Little Italy, San Diego, CA; Striptind Fishing Trips, Kjøllefjord, Norway; GT Bank, Nigeria-based Private Commercial Bank; Brussels-based Think Tank, BruegelFundación Riojana para la Innovación (The Rioja Foundation for Innovation), Spain; US-based Chubb Insurance; Amesys IT Company (now part of Bull Groupe); MSD Decorative Panels, building material, Spain; Blazent IT Solutions, US; Mercury Credit Card Payment Solutions; Business Controls, Fraud Investigation Services; Swiss-based Dreamlab Technologies; Museum of Finnish Architecture (Suomen Arkkitehtuurimuseo), Helsinki, Finland; INAX Sanitary Ware, Japan; now defunct Anglo Irish Bank, Ireland; Banco de Venezuela; Interbank Peru (rebranding exercise carried out by Argentine-based Believe Branding); Acumen Electronic Payment Solutions, USA; Metalclad Insulation, USA; Fundación Virtual Educa Andina, Peru; Tripod Business Solutions, Portugal; Business Controls Fraud Solutions; Bes.com (I couldn’t locate the company website); Group 2000, ICT Services, The Netherlands; Studio Immobiliare, Real Estate Co., Italy; INACAP Program of Universidad Tecnológica de Chile; Saunder Business School, University of British Columbia, Canada; Pyramid Communication A.B., Sweden; Kensington Renewal, an Urban Renewal Program in Kensington, a once nice neighborhood in Philadelphia that has fallen into disrepair; NAVA, North American Vexillological Association/Association nord-américaine de vexillologie; Kitchell Construction Project Management, USA; Bayern Landesbank, a Bavarian-based bank, Germany; HEK (Hansa Edelstahl Kontor), Stainless Steel Manufacturers, Germany; Duran Machinery Manufacturer of high quality Folder Gluers, USA; American Tower, Wireless Infrastructure Solutions, USA; Bauer Media, UK; Brazil-based CVRD (Companhia Vale do Rio Doce) – this is their old logo – among the world’s largest mining companies, which is now known simply as VALE, and is part of Canada-based INCO. After the large scale merger, the company is now called Vale Canada Limited; Axios Advisors, Research & Consulting Co. specializing in Bonds, Lake Forest, IL, USA. Joods Humanitair Fonds (Dutch Jewish Humanitarian Fund), The Netherlands; ENRA Verzekeringen (ENRA Insurance Co.), The Netherlands; PEPCO Electronic Service Provider, part of PHI Group, for the DC Metro Area, USA. ADM division of Brazilian University, Universidade Federal de Mato GrossoHSBC BankSwire Group, Hong Kong; Korea Times, San Francisco; Meiji Techno Thermometers, Japan; NAVA (North American Vexillological AssocationVARTA Automobile Batteries, Germany; Scottish Government, UK; Desai Group, Building Materials and Real Estate Development, Bangalore, India; LPL Financial, Investment company formed by the merger of Linsco and Private Ledger, offeringfinancial planning, research, investments, and management, USA. French Property Developer and Real Estate Co., Bouygues Immobilier; French Mortgage Lender and Property Consultant, Banque Patrimoine & ImmobilierGreater Madison Chamber of Commerce, Madison, Wisconsin; Open Door, Logo Concept (designed by Samadhi Creations)Space on Tap, UK; Open Door Ministries, High Point, North Carolina; Global Marketing NetworkCareer Services from the University of Colorado in Boulder, CO, USA; Teraju, Peneraju Bumiputera and Teraju Exchange, some of Malaysian government-endorsed programs to promote the welfare and development of Bumiputera’s, ethnic Malays. 

Who’s inspiring whom?  The advent of the internet has brought the world to our fingertips like never before. Images that we’ve never had access to, or could only see on TV or read in the news, are now in cyberspace. All awaiting our discovery… that is if you know where to look.

Having the world so much closer, and on our screens, also means that we can see how more similar we all are. How we see our own immediate environments and how that inspires us. Including how businesses and organizations communicate their message through their identity.

That probably explains the striking resemblance between the logo and corporate identity design of the above diverse companies, from different countries and industries.

PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketUploaded from the Photobucket iPad AppUploaded from the Photobucket iPad AppUploaded from the Photobucket iPad AppPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketUploaded from the Photobucket iPad AppPhotobucketUploaded from the Photobucket iPad AppUploaded from the Photobucket iPad AppUploaded from the Photobucket iPad AppPhotobucketLogo_U-of-Colorado-at-Boulder-Career-Services_www.alumni.colorado.edu_services_career_cu-career-services_turningpoints_dian-hasan-branding_CO-US-1UntitledPhotobucketPhotobucketUploaded from the Photobucket iPhone AppPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketUploaded from the Photobucket iPad AppLogo_Companhia-Vale-do-Rio-Doce_dian-hasan-branding_BR-1Uploaded from the Photobucket iPad AppPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketUploaded from the Photobucket iPad AppUploaded from the Photobucket iPad AppUploaded from the Photobucket iPad AppUploaded from the Photobucket iPad AppUploaded from the Photobucket iPad AppPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketUploaded from the Photobucket iPhone AppPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketLogo_Pyramid-Blog_www.pyramid.se_SE-1PhotobucketLogo_Kitchell-Corp_Construction-Proj-Mgmt_dian-hasan-branding_US-1Logo_Kitchell-Corp_Construction-Proj-Mgmt_dian-hasan-branding_US-11PhotobucketPhotobucketLogo_HEK_Hansa-Edelstahl-Kontor_DE-1 Logo_Bayern-LB-Bank_DE-1Logo_Bayern-LB-Bank_DE-2A Logo_Bayern-LB-Bank_DE-2B Logo_American-Tower_dian-hasan-branding_US-1 Logo_Duran-Machinery_dian-hasan-branding_US-1 Logo_Bauer-Media_US-2PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketLogo_Meiji-Techno-Microscopes_JP-5Logo_Meiji-Techno-Microscopes_JP-7Logo_Meiji-Techno-Microscopes_JP-3Logo_Meiji-Techno-Microscopes_JP-1Logo_Meiji-Techno-Microscopes_JP-4Logo_The-Scottish-Government_UK-1Logo_VARTA-Batteries_NO-4Logo_VARTA-Batteries_NO-2Logo_LPL-Financial_dian-hasan-branding_US-1Logo_LPL-Financial_dian-hasan-branding_US-5Logo_Desai-Group_dian-hasan-branding_1Logo_Teraju_dian-hasan-branding_MY-3Logo_Teraju_dian-hasan-branding_MY-1Logo_Teraju-Exchange_www.terajuxchange.gov.my_dian-hasan-branding_MY-1

Inspiration: Mario Amayo’s Blog; Brand New

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