When logos get married and have kids ~ a random thought [1]

Have you ever wondered if logos got married and had kids? Strange thought, I know, but I put it to the test, just for fun.

In an imaginary world, if logos behaved like people where they collide, mingle and socialize, and got married, here’s how I imagine their offspring to look like. Supposing Nike Air Force 1 sneakers decided to hop into bed with Newport Cigarettes

Think this is all made up? Think again.

The above green sneaker is a real product. Click on it to find out more info. Cheeky thought I know, but brands are all about the meanings in customers’ heads, and if there’s an unmet need somewhere, a good entrepreneur and brand-owner will always endeavor to fulfill it. 


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Brand Storyteller, Travel Writer, Speaker, Creative Writer & Thinker - avid observer of randomness in everyday life - Sustainable Business, Eco Matters, Sustainable Urban Issues, Architecture, Heritage Conservation, Innovation & Brand-Strategy, Cross-Cultural Communications, Travel, Tourism & Lifestyle.
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