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Another insightful piece on Brand Positioning, keeping it simple and sweet. Clearly explaining the importance of positioning away from the competition, having a distinctive identity, embedding a message that resonate with their target, and going beyond functional value (thirsting quench) and into emotional value (the meaning of organic & kosher). Prairie Organic Vodka

A crowded market can still offer a perfect opportunity to differentiate yourself… and build a distinctive… personal brand. The power of differentiation in the luxury arena applies to people, products and service. Important lessons can be learned by studying successful branding in all three categories. A new stand out in vodka clearly makes the point. It is called Prairie Organic Vodka.

Prairie is organic and kosher. There is an organic brand on the market called Square One that comes in a square shaped bottle. However, there is no organic vodka that is also kosher. The kosher part appeals to those who follow dietary rules in this segment of the market.

It is “crafted on the Minnesota Prairie”. The prairie conjures thoughts about the pioneer days, a bygone era that was romanticized by Garrison Keillor’s radio shows, “A Prairie Home Companion”. Mr. Keillor is also from Minnesota. A sense of place, the origin of the product, offers another layer of distinctive branding.

The slogan is “Let the Prairie In”. The ad shows the nighttime cityscape behind the vodka, as well as two wolves flanking a woman with very big hair on a penthouse balcony. She is dressed in a white gown, running with the wolves. It is dramatic and implies “different, new, and edgy”. The wolves represent the prairie, the wild, the freshness and the undiluted as expressed by the word “organic”.

The company is a fifth generation family of spirit makers which shows their expertise. It also implies that they have a tradition of making good products. They are in partnership with over 900 farmers. These farmers are partners in the distillery. This shows the family’s support of the farmers and their core values.

The taste of the vodka, described by Prairie as “beautifully smooth”, is lowest on the totem pole in terms of being a strong differentiator. However, the taste is everything you would expect from a premium vodka.

Prairie vodka shows the manifestation of a brand position and brand differentiation. Every aspect is thought out, and everything in the ad supports the competitive difference including the look of the bottle which is clear and very simple.

The target market is not just vodka drinkers. It is vodka drinkers who

  1. appreciate the integrity of the ingredients (organic);
  2. have dietary restrictions (kosher);
  3. are proponents of the environment and community life (900 farmers as partners);
  4. want expertise and tradition (fifth generation spirit makers).

By purchasing Prairie vodka and drinking it, you are expressing all of your personal values because you are in agreement with what the brand stands for.

Prairie Vodka speaks to its target market with laser sharp clarity. That is what an outstanding personal brand does, too.

Inspiration: Napa Consultants; Not Not


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