Lighter side of branding | A bug, a feijoa and a Kiwi tribute to an advertising pioneer

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Two things drew me to this ad: the quintessential VW Beetle and the title “Feijoa”. I immediately thought it was a Brazilian print ad. I mad such quick association knowing that VW has a dominant presence in the automotive landscape in Brazil, and just like Mexico, Brazil is one of the last few countries where seeing “the Bug” zipping around is still quite common.

Turns out I was wrong… this ad is from New Zealand, specifically from DDB Ad Agency New Zealand and it was released to commemorate the birth of Bill Bernbach, the gentleman credited for creating the breakthrough campaign for VW Beetle.

Here’s the copy in full, an interesting chronicle on the history of modern advertising:

Tomorrow marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of a remarkable man.

An individual who, despite the fact that he died nearly 30 years ago, is still the most quoted man in advertising.

Bill Bernbach was the “B” in DDB.
He was, quite simply, the father of modern advertising.

He elevated advertising to high art. He put copywriters and art directors together. He also created a certain print campaign for a German car that, like the vehicle itself, broke every rule in the book.

Volkswagen advertising is unique in the history of all advertising.

Its irreverence, style and wit has been imitated over the years, but never surpassed. Who can forget headlines like “Think small” and “It’s ugly, but get you there”.

VW was the client that made DDB famous, but ultimately because Bill made the client famous.

Bill’s advice to VW as always “The magic is in the product.” Advice that DDB New Zealand pays heed to every day with our own clients.

Just as Bill has influenced us, we like to think we are influencing New Zealand too.

Granted, we will never be Bill Bernbach.

We will always do things with a certain kiwi flavour.

But underneath that feijoa lies a lemon.

So to speak.

Category: Self promotion
Client: DDB Group New Zealand
Agency: DDB Group RappTribal NZ
Country: New Zealand
Executive Creative Director: Toby Talbot
Art Director: Helmut Krone
Art Director: Maria Ward
Copywriter: Toby Talbot
Group Account Director: Justin Mowday

The commercial titled Feijoa was done by DDB Group RappTribal NZ advertising agency for DDB Group New Zealand (for DDB), released in August 2011.
Inspiration: Advertolog


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