Grassroots Innovation | Stretch your imagination when you think of school buses [2]

The old adage “necessity is the mother of all inventions”, underlies the basic premise that drives human ingenuity to invent and innovate. For practicality, I’ve lumped them together as they are rooted in the same cause, and are triggered by the same need.

And the need to innovate is universal! Regardless of geographical location or economic stage. So here’s a look at street-level or grassroots-level innovations from around the world. It essentially involves looking at an existing problem with a new set of eyes to identify solutions, using any means and resources available.

Here’s a look at a unique solution to the transportation challenge, using whatever mode of transport is available. In America, the yellow school bus is an ubiquitous sight, and it’s how we imagine school buses to look and feel. Of course mankind has different solutions for the same problem. In overcrowded India, the solution is very different. And while it may have been a laughing matter a decade ago…. with today’s improved awareness of eco-friendliness, this transport mode is human-powered, zero carbon footprint.  PS: I won’t even make an attempt into discussing safety though. In the end, it gets the job done!

Bal Mandir Public School. The school is all English medium co-ed school in New Delhi, India.


A school cart in an undisclosed location in India. This time it's green instead of yellow.


Another three-wheeler school bus (make that cart!) from New Delhi. This one is for Almandir Public School. Notice the cargo compartment on the roof!

Inspiration: Kguff


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