Brand Builders and their Craft | On Brand Strategy Definition [2]

To explain the world of branding in the most simplified language and easy-to-understand format, there are essentially 2 main parties involved;

  1. The Brand-Owners; and
  2. The Brand Audience (yes, the consumers).

But there is a 3rd party, which acts as a bridge between the 2 above parties. The Brand-Builders; those who offer professional services in helping build brands, encompassing Brand Strategists, Brand Communicators, Brand Marketers, Designers, Ethnographers, among others.

And I thought it’d be interesting to peek inside their minds and delve into their thinking. See their craft and how they work their magic into building compelling brands.

Here’s a look at Brand Strategy Definition, through the eyes of CXO Communication, a Brand Strategy Company based in Palo Alto, CA.

… the key to building great brands and delivering consistently compelling customer experiences is to define the right brand strategy.

Many companies jump straight from business strategy to marketing execution without developing a unified brand perspective or message platform. As a result, creative decisions are made without a business filter, and marketing programs are implemented inconsistently and inefficiently across divisions, geographies and customer sets. Maximizing this connection between business strategy and brand is our specialty.

Our engagements begin with extensive interviews and research into the substance of your organization: your business model, products/services, culture, customer expectations, partner relationships, competitive landscape and executive personalities. Understanding these critical brand inputs shines a light on what your company could be, and also what it should not.

After we develop a 360-degree view of your organization, we guide your executive team and marketing leaders through a business-driven evaluation of positioning, messaging and story options. The thought-provoking discussions and tough choices that punctuate this process often challenge long-held assumptions, unify competing perspectives and reinvigorate how senior leaders think about their future business opportunities.

Brand strategy stakes out where you want to lead and identifies the pivotal positioning ideas, messages and stories that will differentiate you in the marketplace.

Inspiration: CXO Communication


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