Brand Building | How to convince New Yorkers of bigger steel birds [1]

To do anything in New York, especially when it comes to launching a new product or service, one must have guts of steel, a good dose of attitude, and well… deep pockets to pull it off. And the main ingredient to glue the campaign together? Creativity of course!

In the world of airlines and international travel, one country has been recognized by the travel industry as a trailblazer, consistently delivering newer better planes, riding on a reputation built on excellent personalized service (yes, that includes coach, for all the commoners, including yours truly!) Have you guessed the country and its airline? Singapore Airlines, of course.

It is little wonder then, that this brand building strategy has worked impeccably, winning not only prestigious awards and accolades the world over, but – more importantly – keeping the shareholders happy (make that VERY happy), as Singapore Airlines is consistently ranked as the world’s most profitable airline. No small feat from a country not much bigger than a Los Angeles suburb.

As with any business, there is competition, and Singapore Airlines knows that all too well, always striving to position itself above the crowds, and associating itself with the bigger better things. Including new aircraft. Plenty new shiny aircraft.  Singapore Airlines prides itself as the launch airline for the Airbus A380 behemoth in late 2007.

Fast forward…  The past decade, a new rival has popped from the most unlikely place, from a tiny Kingdom (Emirate of Sultanate, to be correct) of Dubai (technically it’s one Sultanate that forms UAE: United Arab Emirates). Their flag carrier, Emirates Airlines has carefully built its brand modeled on Singapore Airlines.

First Airbus A380 Enters Emirates Fleet

Emirates' first Airbus A380 entering commercial service

Pouring hefty investments into what matters most: Top Notch Service and Brand New Planes. And just like Singapore, Emirates Airlines has taken a leading role in transforming tiny Dubai into not only the Middle East region’s biggest transportation hubs, but also a helping build Brand Dubai into the flashy Vegas in the Arabian desert (sans the Casinos of course) it has evolved into. Home to the world’s tallest skyscraper, the Burj Khalifa, one of the world’s biggest airports (destined to be the world’s top 5 busiest by 2020).

a380 suite singapore airlines Airlines team up for European private jet service

Singapore Airlines' Sky Suites are the roomiest of any commercial airline in the world.

And then it’s Emirates turn to get their Airbus A380. And if Singapore Airlines chose to launch Sky Suites, the “class above first class” with the roomiest cabins of all commercial airlines in the world, Emirates opted for introducing the world’s first functioning showers in theirs.

Your $30,00 hand-made cashmere Prada suit (what else do you wear on a $14,000 flight) is sure to enjoy its time resting in one of the roomy compartments with a fold out bed, self-serve bar area, 1,200 channels of entertainment, and 5-star bathrooms complete with showers. For $9,000 Business Class passengers can have largely the same experience, and for $1,500 you can snag an economy seat in the back which comes with all the media options.

So it’s interesting to see how Emirates chose to introduce these fancy new services to the market. .

Well… the venue of choice was New York, and it went like this video:

The rest of the story is continued in part 2.

Inspiration: Jet Airlines Blog, 9 to 5 Travel, Luxuo

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