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Evolution of tools and our innate ability to innovate

I stumbled upon an interesting post from NYC-based Designer and Design Strategist, Michael Surtees, in his Design Notes blog where he featured the evolution of tools. From the prehistoric days of our cave-dwelling ancestors to the present time. Mentioning specifically that with … Continue reading

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TED Talks | The social animals we are… recognize it and unleash it

In our busy world of today, information is a mere click away. Both the useful and wasteful kind. The problem is that we are overloaded with information, and sifting through the good and bad requires another time-consuming task, that we … Continue reading

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Quotes + Thoughts | On life

Spotted on MIHO Gastrotruck, a gourmet food truck from San Diego. The truck’s design features proverbs and quotes on food from different cultures around the world, like these two: An onion can make people cry, but there has never been a … Continue reading

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Street-level branding | Gourmet food truck… coming to a city near you [1]

Love the tagline: “Dangerously good food”! I’m sure very few people even realize where this creature comes from, or whether it’s real. It’s real alright, dubbed the last remaining dinosaur on the planet, the Komodo giant lizard is endemic to … Continue reading

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Destination & Place Branding | Taxis as unique as their host cities

I’ve always wanted to blog about taxis from around the world but never got around to complete the research, so I was happy to have stumbled upon this Yellow Cab City Poster series from Antrepo Design. Albeit only featuring taxis … Continue reading

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Mobile Brand Building | The life and times of food trucks

The past few years has seen America’s worst recession in memory. Doom and gloom ensued, with Corporate America shedding weights (and jobs!). But as we all know, in every crisis there’s an opportunity. And this economic downturn is no exception, … Continue reading

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