Mobile Brand Building | The life and times of food trucks

The past few years has seen America’s worst recession in memory. Doom and gloom ensued, with Corporate America shedding weights (and jobs!). But as we all know, in every crisis there’s an opportunity. And this economic downturn is no exception, entrepreneurs are always the first ones to take notice.

Historically, at least 3 economic sectors have proved to be immune to recessions; 1. Food; 2. Healthcare, and; 3. Education. The three of course address our most basic needs, and although we may cut down on our spending, and tighten our wallets, the three areas above sustain our survival… to put it bluntly.

An interesting trend has emerged in the food industry, hitting urban areas… food on wheels! Gourmet food trucks!

What started in big cities like NYC, Chicago and Los Angeles, has now spread to other mid-size cities. It’s a classic business tale of reinventing and reintroducing an old or existing business model into a new one. To address new demand, new consumer demand, new taste, and new lifestyle. Food trucks have always been around, mostly seen near construction sites, offering basic grub that wasn’t exactly that great or healthy.

It took a recession to reincarnate the food trucks of today, brand-aware, design-oriented, attitude-laden… that are going gourmet, offering every type of ethnic cuisine imaginable… from Cuban, Mexican, to Indian, Malaysian and Cajun. And superfine niches are the call of the day; Belgian Fries anyone? Korean-style Tacos? Cupcakes on wheels?

Another factor that gives it the difference is Social Media, without which Food Trucks wouldn’t have gained their popularity so quickly. Food trucks have become part of communities and become a movement. One need look no further than all the Food Truck Fests making their appearance in urban settings across the country.

Here’s a look at one design for a food truck in San Diego, MIHO Gastrotruck. Designed by Savacool Sevciar Brand Communications Co. of San Diego. The design is unique as it features quotes and proverbs on food from the world over.

MIHO catering a 4th of July party in San Diego. Photo: Alice Q of Alice Q Foodie Blog.

… taking street food to new heights. Our branding and design work had to do the same. As a brand, MIHO understands philosophically the importance of fresh, local and sustainable food. They also hold themselves to the highest standards of quality and deliver on their ideals every day with tangible, delicious meals served on the streets of San Diego. Our design for the truck brought to life the vast array of influence and inspiration the team draws on by spelling out food related proverbs and quotations from around the world.

Inspiration: SavSec, Alice Q Foodie Blog, Design Notes by Michael Surtees

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