TED Talks | The social animals we are… recognize it and unleash it

In our busy world of today, information is a mere click away. Both the useful and wasteful kind. The problem is that we are overloaded with information, and sifting through the good and bad requires another time-consuming task, that we never get around to do.

But the right information can be invaluable knowledge, empowering your mind to see new ideas and possibilities. If you can carve out and invest just 15 minutes of your day to enrich your mind, while staring at your computer, I’d highly recommend watching TED Talks. Vastly informative, thought-provocative, and entertaining video podcasts that are all under 20 minutes.

From some of the most intriguing minds of the world! From biomedical scientists to baritone opera singers, to chefs and comedians, any TED Talk will leave you better informed. After all, knowledge imparted is wisdom gained.

Tapping into the findings of his latest book “The Social Animal: The Hidden Sources of Love, Character, and Achievement” NYTimes columnist David Brooks reveals new insights into human nature from the cognitive sciences — insights with massive implications for economics and politics as well as our own self-knowledge. In a talk full of humor, he shows how you can’t hope to understand humans as separate individuals making choices based on their conscious awareness.

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