Lighter side of branding | Saying more with less [1]

In design, there’s a school of thought that advocates “less is more”. First coined by German architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (1886-1969), minimalism is seen as communicating aesthetics in a pared down, clean lines, and simplicity that distinguishes modernism.

In our cluttered world of consumerism, where we (the consumers) are blasted with thousands of commercial messages and an ocean of brands that scream: “Buy me… buy me…!”, we face daily struggles of pondering questions like: “What brand should I believe in?”, Which brand of cereal should I get?”, “Which fashion brand speaks to me emotionally and defines me as a unique individual?”… or just simply: “Can I NOT make any decisions, and just follow my gut feel?”.

Sadly, this daily reality is rapidly spreading across the world, as emerging nations forge ahead with economic growth, creating new middle classes, ready to “go to battle and strike with their wallets”. Because everyone wants to consume and parade their newfound wealth (read: power to be different, and embellish themselves to compete against their neighbor!). And buying brands that carry these meanings is the fastest and easiest route to acquiring that status, that individuality.

So I was pleasantly surprised to come across a recent experiment by London-based Antrepo Design, that examined what happens when brand packaging design are minimized. Would they still communicate the same message? Would they be stronger or weaker? Would they still be recognizable? You decide! It’s an interesting exercise… and not real of course, although I must say that the illustrations sure are convincing!  Bravo Antrepo!

Here’s a look at a few international food and beverage brands:

Inspiration: Antrepo Design

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