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Brand building | Tap into the reptilian brain, and your brand message hits the bulls eye

An excellent example of the value of tapping deeper into the Reptilian Brain to uncover the embedded meaning that goes way beyond Functional and Emotional Values (those created by our Cortex and Limbic brains, respectively), and into the unconscious mind … Continue reading

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Nike’s swoosh turns 40 and continues its brand journey unfazed

The strongest brands are those that can consistently connect with their customers and remain relevant with the meanings formulated in their customers’ heads (yes, NOT in the heads of the brand owners or brand builders!!). Because ultimately… whose brand is … Continue reading

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Food Trucks, the hottest trend in US Restaurant Industry

There’s no doubting the recession has seen gloom and doom, but as with everything in life, there’s always hope, and in the case of business – some bright sparks that have found their growth in the most dire of times. … Continue reading

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