Our lives are shaped by the choices we make… a plausible scenario [1]

What struck me about this TVC and its imagery was the fundamental question that we often ask ourselves when we make important, life-changing decisions. It’s much like a hitting a fork in the road, with no road signs, where you’d need to decide whether to turn left or right. And if you think about it, life is really about a series of “fork-in-the-road” moments, big and small, where the decisions we make pave way for the future.

And what a different future it can turn out to be. As this PSA for Hispanic Scholarship Fund points out. Should I or shouldn’t I go to college?

Naturally every parent wishes the best for their children, equipping their offspring with the best survival tools to make it big wide world. A good education is a MAJOR part of this equation. And while in some countries, the pursuit of a higher education simply is not an option, due to economic circumstances or otherwise. Here’s a hypothetical look at how one’s life can turn out with or without a higher degree.

Morale of the story: KIDS, heed your parents advice! They came before you, have more mileage in the life experience department, and they ALWAYS wish the best for you – regardless how they communicate the message!

Hispanics who have gone to college rank their parents as being the most influential in their decision to continue their schooling. However, recent studies have shown that more than 65% of Hispanic parents do not have the knowledge to guide their children as they seek to apply and enroll in college.*

The “Your Words Today” campaign is an effort to raise awareness among Hispanic parents about the critically important role they play in encouraging their children to go to college.

Parents are reminded that, De tus palabras de hoy depende su mañana (Their tomorrow depends on your words today), and directed to visit the website www.YourWordsToday.org or call 1-877-HSF-8711 for resources on getting involved in their childrens college education. The website and toll-free number offer inspiration and tools to better understand that college and financial aid process.

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