Eco Branding | When recycling goes a bit too far…

alignrightWe all know doing good toward the planet and the community is a good thing. It’s high in feel-good factor and is a growing trend the world over. Admittedly, we all have different understanding of what green really means. We do know, without a doubt, that it includes recycling. Like the following paper product.

You’d buy it without even thinking twice, although most “green and sustainable” paper is costlier than their average joe counterpart.


So what if I told you that this paper was made from the recycled pachyderm extraction (yes, that’s poo to you and me!)? Will it make you think twice, or will it opposite occur? Because it might seem like a novel idea, or you’re really concerned about elephant conservation efforts. Simply called Poo Poo Paper, the company started life with a focus only on elephant dung, and now includes other animals like cows and horses (ha.. ha.. I can’t believe I’m even talking about this topic!) And partial sales proceeds go to support elephant conservation efforts.

Much like, Kopi Luwak! Heard of that one? The world’s most expensive and exquisite coffee in the world. Only source: Indonesia, method of coffee making/coffee roasting: all natural roasting, Kopi Luwak is the result of raw coffee beans that have been swallowed and extracted by asian civets (fox-like feline) in parts of Sulawesi (Celebes) and Eastern Indonesia. The end result: pricy poo!

Inspiration: Alternative Consumer


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