Quotes + Thoughts | On seeing things anew

When was the last time you saw something for the first time

I found this beautiful quote while researching ecotourism and nature-based tourism in a website for a Luxury Tented Ecolodge in the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador. Of course it was referring to the Galapagos island’s unique ecosystem, with only 3% of its land inhabited, allowing the flora and fauna to flourish unharmed, where the animals are so tame or used to human visitors (the tourists) that they don’t budge and don’t mind you sitting inches away. I wouldn’t believe it myself if a friend who’s actually been there didn’t confirm that.

But back to the quote… it stopped me in my tracks, I thought it carried a deeper meaning. To pause and think back and change our perspective of looking at things. And being in awe, being aware, and being in the “now” zone. By all accounts, I love this quote, as it beckons me to keep traveling and exploring the world.


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