Street-level branding | Customers are spreading brand love… Brand-Builders wake up and take note!

As with my previous post, the following is another set of excellent example that embodies Customers’ BRAND LOVE (please see my other posts on “Extreme Brand Love,” by clicking here for Apple, GUCCI, Lacoste, Louis VuittonChanel). They unwavering loyalty to the brand that is more than skin deep… in fact it’s very very deep. Tapping into their Reptilian Brains where the unconscious mind lives.

Ample research has shown that the human mind cannot really articulate the “WHY” behind their buying decisions; ie. why they choose Brand A over Brand B!  So attention all brand builders: look beyond the functional value and try to understand your customers’ emotional connection with your brands (and pray and hope viciously that they do have some level of connection with YOUR brand!).

Which leads me to the examples below. VW Club in Indonesia (via their Facebook account). As in any country, the club is alive and well, with die hard VW aficionados for whom the loyalty of a, say VW Beetle, is what keeps them alive, gives them their badge of entry into an exclusive club of other people with who share a common passion. And what I particularly like about these examples is that the Brand Owners, VW themselves is taking note. Actively participating in VW Club’s “VeeDay Spritztour” event by sponsoring it (notice the VW Touran on the Billboard!)


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