It’s prudent to take a pause and think about YOUR business for a change…

Running any business, especially start up companies, is often more about, well… “running it”! In full throttle, in a mad marathon to chase new business and work with clients, vendors, your team, and everyone else involved in your business. Dealing with myriad obstacles… and turning them into opportunities. Finding new solutions (for clients) is commonly what gets you out of bed each morning. It’s the adrenaline rush of doing something positive, with a team of like-minded individuals, your business partners, your team… and the whole lot.

In short, a lot rides on the shoulders of budding entrepreneurs. Hard work, tenacity, and unwavering conviction that they have all the required resources to make their business run, and continue to meet demand, solve problems and… ultimately, reap profit. In running this type of marathon, business owners often fall into the trap of forgetting THEIR own business. And it’s prudent to periodically take a step back, and review YOUR business, run your checks and balances, gather the team, and find new ways of doing things. Finding improvement, through innovation. Allowing the team to brainstorm, let off steam, and reconnect with the original company’s mission.

I was therefore happy to have found a perfect example, from Matchstic Branding. Such Pow Wow gathering of internal company minds looks like this. An in-house workshop to realign their business. 

Things tend to stay pretty busy around here. When this happens, things like our own design work–business cards, note cards, Tshirts and the like–fall to the bottom of our ‘To Do” lists. Last Friday, the Matchstic team stepped away from our regular work schedule to work on our own brand. Different than a typical retreat day, we focused on actually getting things done. The things that often feel like low priority but aren’t. Every team has them. This was a day for us to move those things forward.

While your Internal Team Work Days may not include designing business cards or T-Shirts, the principles of working on your brand instead of for your brand translate into any industry.

Here are the things Brand Work Days can do:

Inspire team members to express themselves.
For us, it’s always fun when we get to think about we express ourselves and the Matchstic brand. We get to think differently and exercise our creativity in fun, more personal ways. No matter what your industry, find ways to inspire your team members to express themselves and their unique point of view. It can be just the thing that reminds them why they do what they do.

Build team synergy.
We are a team of people that like to be around one another. To get to spend a day collaborating, dreaming, sharing meals makes for a great day.

Streamline processes and make internal work flow easier.
There is such value in stepping back and looking at how the day-to-day work of a team gets done. Add in team discussion, and suddenly people feel heard, the ‘grind’ of how things get done is exposed, and processes get better.

When there is so much to do, it can be hard to find the time and then justify stepping away to work on what most think “doesn’t make us money”. However, taking care of your brand perception — to your clients, your employees, and the general public — is an investment that always pays off, be it weeks, months, or years down the road.

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