Street-level branding | Because a simple napkin can have a lot of brand story on it…

Subway Napkin: Nutrition Info
If you haven’t paid attention to the simple napkin at your favorite fast food or fast casual joint, take a closer look. I recently saw this one, from Subway, and was quite startled to see so much information riding on a humble napkin. There’s a world of information, and yes, along with it is the Brand Story that’s splattered all over it.

Let’s dissect the napkin and quickly go over all the different information contained herein.

First it’s the nutrition information, hugely important and relevant information, especially for anyone living in health-conscious California. Subway does position its brand as a healthier alternative to fast food, especially hamburgers. Claiming that their sandwiches are prepared fresh, therefore healthier and with no frying involved, they make for a healthier choice.

To validate their claim, here’s the source of their comparative study on calories per meal, as compared to McDonald’s and Burger King.

Here’s their take on “Being Green” and going eco-conscious, doing their part of helping conserve the planet. I didn’t know there was so much info on recycled paper. It reads: “Contains 100% recycled fiber (and what, may you ask is the source of fiber?). Processed chlorine free and printed with water based inks. Please recycle or compost this napkin (you expect me to do what with the napkin…??).

And it goes on to corporate info on Subway’s Franchise model, and a contact number for interested parties.

And finally, like any modern, 21st century business, you’d want to recognize your customers as “a community of individuals with a million voices”, and connect with them via Social Media, like Facebook and Twitter.

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