Street-level branding | Because a man’s best friend should be with us all the time… in all situations

A Man and his Best Friend on their Harley

Picture this: glorious sunny day, lazy Saturday drive (yes, Sundays included of course) in San Diego – the city with THE BEST (bar none!!) weather! Windows down, Juanes’ Bossa Nova-skewed “Amigos” blaring on the stereo, ocean breeze enveloping my face… I stop at a traffic light in Del Mar, and next to me is the most unusual sight! A burly man sitting proudly on his Harley, leather jacket, mean looking goggles, and all the expected symbolism of “riding the wind” attitude that Harley owners all share. Yeah, so what? But in front of him was his little white pooch (poodle, I’m guessing) donning matching goggles like his “Harley-riding Dad”.

I quickly snapped a shot with my always-handy iPhone, unbeknownst to the riding odd-couple. A few thoughts came to my mind: the things (and creatures) that we hold dear in our lies, ones that provide us with deep symbolic meanings. It’s the little things in life that often matter to us the most.

And being the Perennial Observing Brandologist Story Teller that I am, I pondered on one key word: LOYALTY! And how it plays out in our lives.

Brand loyalty toward Harley Davidson, is of course a well-documented fact that places HOGS (Harley Owners Group) as among the world’s most staunchly loyal consumers. And secondly, a dog’s place in our lives and the GLUE that will have them adorn our lives for eternity: LOYALTY & UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!


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