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Brand consistency has one massive advantage – recognition. With recognition comes familiarity. With familiarity comes trust and confidence. Also, if done correctly, consistency brings clarity and purpose which consumers buy into. They can become loyal. As people we don’t really like “new’ – and it has been widely reported that before a consumer purchases a product, on average, they need to be exposed to a brand 17 times…

“Branding” is akin to the personality of a business. A brand has a character, a look, a tone of voice and a way of behaving. The question every business owner should be asking is; “how can I make my brand work – how can I make it say the right things and how can I get it to speak to the right people”. In this article we shall briefly consider the number 1 rule of branding: “brand consistency” which has numerous benefits which help in making a brand work.

Brand consistency is where a business attempts to communicate messages in a way which doesn’t detract or wander away from the core brand proposition. For example, a single logo is always used in a similar way on all marketing materials, a single typeface is used with particular guidelines on typography, consistent colour ranges are applied and similar design styles, so that everything visual is inter-linked and has a link back to that core brand proposition. Every piece of marketing material is like a member of the same family, supporting and even looking similar to all the other members in the family. The brand has it’s own unique “look” which enables a consumer to recognise it as belonging to that brand proposition and distinguish it from competing brands.

This visual “look” often evolves slowly over time but the core message of all successful brands never really changes.
Take for example, Apple computers. Since their brand’s conception, their brand proposition was to supply advanced, quality, great looking, high performing computers. This message has never changed although the way they have communicated this over the years has, as they have kept up with modern design standards. This has led to consumer recognition and then trust and loyalty from their customers.

We would like to mention that branding is not just about applying a logo in a consistent manner, and having the right Pantone colours. It is about ensuring that all the messaging of all communications materials is pulling in the same direction. That it all “looks” consistent. Even the way the copy is written should be considered in the light of the brand messaging, the way the website is coded and the quality of paper used in printed materials – all of these points should be consistent because of they are not, it will cause consumers to loose trust in the brand and it’s messaging.

Inspiration: Attitude Design, UK


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