Lighter side of branding | Graphics galore [5]

Another great example of a TVC that’s a departure from the ordinary, using unique graphics to tell a story about globalization. Listen to the voice over… this is a lesson in Globalization 101! A series of TVCs from T. Rowe Price, Wall Street Investment & Brokerage Firm.

How can the oil industry in the North Sea, impact fishing markets in Japan, marine legislation in the US, and food consumption in Italy?

How can rice production in India, affect weed output in the US, the shipping industry in Norway, and the rubber industry in South America?

How can power consumption in China, impact wool exports from New Zealand, textile production in Spain, and the use of medical technology in the US?

How could switch grass in Argentina, change engineering in Dubai, aluminum production in South Africa, and the aerospace industry in the US?

How can a luminous protein in jelly fish, impact life expectancy in the US, real estate in Hong Kong, and the optics industry in Germany?

Ending with: “At T. Rowe Price, we understand the connections of a complex global economy….”


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