Lighter side of branding | The romanticized ideal of a successful Indonesian family

A TVC for one of Indonesia’s largest banks, PermataBank, for their campaign “Jutaan Keluarga. Satu Bank” (“Millions of Families. One Bank”). In the highly competitive Indonesian banking landscape, Jakarta-based PermataBank is positioning its brand as one that understands families.

Granted, there are plenty families out there in the world’s largest archipelago. Home to the world’s 4th largest population of around 240 souls (I always get surprised looks when I state that!!), with a growing economy based on Indonesia’s immense natural resources, fueled by Oil & Gas, Mining, and Timber. The country is finally getting noticed for all the right reasons, an economy that is today largely domestically driven, an emerging middle class that’s triggering an appetite for everything… from motorbikes to smart phones, expensive lattes to air travel, from gourmet food to branded goods.

PermataBank understands the stats! And the emerging middle class is a promising market indeed. Indonesia has among the lowest Bank Account ownership per capita in the world. So there’s plenty of room to grow.

And with a young population – 29% of her population are under the age of 25 – there are more youth than all South East Asia combined!! A cool 80 million!

And back to the PermataBank TVC, it’s beautifully shot. Depicting a nucleus family of two. Urban. Successful. Modern. Carefree. Open to new ideas. Taking in the gorgeous natural landscape and the glorious tropical weather. Bonding with the family on a tropical isle (the ad was shot in Bali. Where else?). Mom and daughter reconnecting in a luxury spa (in one of Bali’s swanky luxe villa resorts), and Dad and son frolicking on the beach. The family then all go surfing (for those of you ill-informed arm chair travelers… Indo is indeed home to the best waves on the planet, but very very few Indonesians take up surfing!!). They’ve lived under the tropical sun all their lives, so the choice leisure option is air-conditioned malls!


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