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It is not the strongest of species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change. ~ Charles Darwin (English Naturalist and Author of the theory of evolution by natural selection. 1809-1882)

In business, as in life, organizations that are nimble and open to change, are the ones whose future survival is guaranteed. More so than those that choose to continue doing what they have done for so long, simply because that’s how they got here in the first place.

The brutal reality is that nothing operates in a vacuum, and change is a given. Innovate or perish! Coming to a realization that change is indeed inevitable, in the boisterous, clamored, busy, and ADHD-inflicted world of interlaced global business… is the FIRST STEP.

The same applies to BRANDS! Best case in point: NOKIA. Whatever happened to it?  Lost its way.  The hot brand was once at the top pecking order and recognized as a global leader in cellphone innovation, and put tiny Finland as on the map as a technology giant. The above statement is taken from “Generation Flux”, Fast Company, February 2012.

Inspiration: Linch Pin SEO, Fast Company

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