Stats + Figs | Growth like you’ve never seen [4]

Infographics never fail to fascinate me. Here are some blarringly scary stats + figs on various data from the world of global business. In journalism, “a picture tells a thousand words”, whereas in business and economics, the empirical truth is showcased through “stats+figs+#s” (yes that’s statistics and numbers)!

What is painfully clear is the role of technology and innovation, and how it brings compelling inevitable change. And kills certain business models and ideas that were perfectly viable one day, and obsolete the next. Many a brand have fallen victim to this reality!

Adaptability and WILLING to change are the KEY ELEMENTS to survival! Not just in business, but in life! After all, evolution is a given.

Many a brands have fallen victim to technology. Remember the old hit song “Video Killed the Radio Star”? And what about Betamax, and VHS… and Blockbuster? Oh.. and did I mention the Sony Walkman? PS: you can throw in the fax machine in there too!

Inspiration: Fast Company, February 2012 Cover Story: Generation Flux

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