Quotes + Thoughts | Debbie Millman on Our Undying Attraction to Brands


Debbie Millman, NYC-based Author, Graphic Designer and President of Sterling Brands, perfectly captured the reason why we – mankind – have such a strong predilection to brands. Our DNA is wired to act as a group, explaining our herd or pack mentality, and our predisposition to “belonging to a tribe”. So “monkey see, monkey do” is not that farfetched.

Scientists and anthropologists tend to agree that humans are, in essence, pack animals, which explains why we feel safe and more secure in groups….

Perhaps our motivation to brand, and to be branded, comes form our hardwired instinct to connect. Perhaps not.

In either case, what is indisputable is the breakneck speed at which brands have grown over the last century and the number of people who have literally and figuratively bought into these brands. The prospect that this trend will slow down is remote; as a result, the underlying causes and outward expressions of these activities and practices are worthy of thoughtful discussion.” ~ Debbie Millman, Author + Design Thinker

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