Quotes + Thoughts | Franklin’s secret to the Fountain of Youth


We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.” ~ Benjamin Franklin [1706 – 1790]

Personal Note: Rarely have I found a quote that I can relate to so well. The way I see it, playing and remaining playful are essential to having an unpolluted mind that is open to new ideas (Read: in the corporate world and the wonderful world of brand-building, this means: keeping an open-minded culture that is conducive to INNOVATION).

It’s these child-like qualities that are often missing in our world that is dominated by left-brainers (the analytical and mathematical types). However, it’s the right-brainers (the creative and artistic types) that decorate it with so much color and well… mischief! (at times!!)

Inspiration:  Andrew Kelsall


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