Quotes + Thoughts | The Power of Storytelling in Business and Brand-Building [6]

PhotobucketI was delighted to stumble upon these quotes from Michael Margolis on the power of storytelling… not just in life, but in business as well. Margolis is Founder of Get Storied, Speaker, Business Coach, and Professional Storyteller, and makes it his business to spread the gospel of the storytelling to the international business world through his book entitled: Believe Me.

I’ve been blabbering – seemingly forever – on the power of storytelling in brand building.

PhotobucketStories connect people on an emotional level, it’s a natural and instinctive partof our upbringing – regardless of cultural background – for stories and the practice of storytelling are present in any culture. And if we stop telling stories and listening to them, the human race will come to a screeching halt! And its existence will go “poof”…!

Margolis makes another connection, which is right up my alley, the role of culture.


Humans have always been hard-wired for storytelling.

Photobucket… In my opinion, storytelling is the evolutionary leap that led to the growth of culture, commerce, and civilizations. It just so happens we have reached a new inflection point in our collective evolution.

The implications of Web 2.0 and technological innovation on humankind are staggering.

… As I like to describe it, “the means of story production have become democratized”.

Consider that just 10 years ago – email, cell phones, websites, blogs, digital cameras, Facebook, video cameras, etc – either didn’t exist or certainly weren’t ubiquitous part of our everyday lives.

Now, anybody who has a story to tell can choose from countless affordable, sophisticated, and easy-to-use platforms to get their story out to the world.

Now getting people to listen to your stories, that’s another matter.

Inspiration: A Storied Career

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