Quotes + Thoughts | Scott Bedbury on branding


1. “[If] you understand your brand — its value, its mission, its reason for being — and integrate it consistently into everything you do, your entire organization will know how to behave in virtually any and all situations.”

It’s this integration that creates trust in a brand — the behavior and quality, over time. Once trust has been formed, then and only then can the advertising efforts of an organization truly be affective. These efforts must conform to what already is, not what should be.


2. “The most valuable assets of a company are no longer physical. [There] is one asset, an intangible one, that stands head and shoulders above all the others and that cannot be easily outsourced: the brand.”


3. “There is and will continue to be increasing pressure on corporations, especially the large ones, to behave more responsibly as citizens — a trait that I’ve labeled elsewhere [as] ‘using your superhuman powers for good.’ “

That one is clearly evident today. From Nike and Starbucks, to Toyota and BP — nothing is as important as a brand’s reputation.


This is even more true in today with the advent of Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Brands now have the opportunity to speak directly with their audience on a social level — to positively, or negatively influence the perceptions of their company.

“…in the New Brand World, there will be fewer places for companies that disrespect this fundamental social dynamic.” ~ Scott Bedbury

Inspiration: Ian Nerney’s Blog; Ideas Inspiring Innovation

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