Lighter side of branding | Graphics galore [20]

PhotobucketThere are some TVCs that are breaking out of the mould, opting for attention-grabbing graphics to tell their story. in the era of growing sophistication of CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery), more realistic-looking Video Games, and all matters pertaining digital artistry, this trend is definitely here to stay.

Here’s a look at one such TVC from Hertz Rental Cars. It’s rather old – considering how fast graphic design technology changes, as it’s from 2009, but on the contrary it demonstrates just how fast everything changes. PS: I love the voice over too!!


… first there was just the road… the road was good.

… the road held the promise of new discoveries, it led to experiences, to adventures, even to destiny. Down the road lay the things you haven’t yet done, friends you haven’t yet made…


However, as life became busier, people began to lose sight of the road… hidden behind office blocks, … trapped by workloads, … but the road was still there… waiting.

For EXPLORERS and ESCAPOLOGISTS, who’d freed themselves for a day, a weekend, a week, or longer, … to seek out adventures…


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