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I’ve covered plenty area on the subject of Branding, or specifically Brand-Building, and the role of Culture. And I was delighted to stumble upon similar thoughts on the subject, from Steven Morris of San Diego-based Morris Branding. Here are his thoughts, which are totally “On Code” with mine.


… talking about corporate culture as it relates to the brand of a company. It’s my belief that there can be no separation between corporate culture and brand if a brand wants to be seen as authentic. ~ Steven Morris, Brand Strategist, Founder of Morris Branding


… They are directly linked. Consumers these days are so savvy that they see right through the companies who are pretending to act one way, yet their values are placed somewhere altogether different. This cuts through the simple “story telling” perspective of branding. While story telling can be a powerful and intriguing way to present a brand, if it’s not done with honesty and integrity, the story reads like a thinly veiled untruth that leads consumers to question the fabric of the company in question.

“We are no longer in the era of the “copy cat” brand. Consumers just don’t buy it.”

PhotobucketA brand should be birthed or rebirthed by the beliefs, feelings and actions of the company’s corporate culture. The things that the company believes most should be integrated into the fabric of the brand. Quite often it is these philosophies that truly distinguish one company from the other. And the more a company can clearly distinguish itself from it’s competitors the better advantage it has in the audience understanding and reacting to that brand.

We are no longer in the era of the “copy cat” brand. Consumers just don’t buy it. In order for any brand to survive in this competitive society, it must be clearly unique, give the audience a reason to believe it, and offer a crystal clear benefit to the consumer. In essence, the brand must have integrity. Expect a near and definitive doom if these things are not in place.

Inspiration: Morris Branding

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