Car Branding | Communicating Camry’s meanings to different audiences [1]

Car branding always fascinates me, as most car brands understand that we buy cars NOT merely for their value (getting us from point A to B is of course a given… duh!!!), but rather for their EMOTIONAL & SYMBOLIC Values. So expect plenty of posts on this subject.

And let’s also not forget that cars are mankind’s SECOND SINGLE BIGGEST investment after home ownership!

This TVC for 2012 Camry, Toyota’s best selling family sedan in the US, caught my attention, for its “Brand Storytelling” route. I’ve written a few past posts on the power of story telling in brand-building and how it can potentially resonate consumers.

This is one great example, Toyota Camry’s “CONNECTIONS” campaign. And what makes it even more interesting is that the 2012 Camry can be featured very differently through other TVCs (see my other related posts).

Here’s the voice over:


Josh and Jonie and Curtis went to college in one:
This commercial begins with several crazy teens with cars packed to the brim leaving for college. One of them has big, red, afro hair (almost like a clown wig) and is headbanging on the side of the highway. Several of these young Toyota owners had their cars covered in bumper stickers.

Kevin and Carla grew old in one:
We see an older gentleman with a beard and an old woman driving around town in their Toyota Camrys.

Sean always gets home in one:
A man with a goatee is seen driving down a country road surrounded by pastures around sunset.

When Jeff started dating Julie, he didn’t know know she had her first kiss in one:
We see a young couple making out in a Camry. Another woman notices this and remembers when she used to do that.

Chloe was born in one, then learned to drive in one:
A man is shown frantically driving his very pregnant wife to the hospital because she is in labor. Based on the voiceover, we know that they didn’t make it in time, but we also know that the baby was okay because she learned to drive in the same car that tried to get her there.

Chris chased his dreams in one:
A man is shown looking out at a mountain landscape, and then driving across the desert.

Veronica said “Yes” in one:
A man is shown proposing to his girlfriend in their car while parked near a river. Of course, she says yes.

Anna wept in one:
A young girl is seen crying (for reasons unknown) while driving around.

Joey lost his first tooth:
A young boy is shown wiggling a loose tooth while riding around in the back of his parent’s Toyota.

And Romeo blew the doors off one:
A man is shown with a customized Toyota Camry with fancy rims, suped-up suspension, and remote activated doors that open up (like an Italian sports car) instead of out.

Rusty and Mr. Sprinkles came home, and Alison left home in one.
The dogs Rusty (a Chihuahua) and Mr. Sprinkles (a Great Dane) are shown getting a ride in the car after being adopted. A young girl is seen moving with her goldfish bowl strapped in with the seatbelt in the front seat.

There are nearly 7 million Camry drivers out there. Every one of them has a story.


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